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Pokémon Legends Arceus: Progress #3: First 999 Research Task

Today I got my first 999 in a research task: Shadow Claw usage for Giratina.

I’ve now got 200 (24 to go) alpha species and 287 (36 to go) alpha forms; 78 shiny species and 89 shiny forms; 3 of my shinies are exclusively alpha, another I have in alpha and non-alpha.

62 of my entries are now perfected. I’m still on 35 paths of solitude completed. 19 of my species and 28 of my forms have a specimen maxed out.

If the lost and found record stats cap out easily, that will be my next post, else Giratina all 999ed, all alphas or perfect dex will be my next post.

Pokémon Legends: Arceus Progress #2: Max Research Points

Today, after 314:16 hours (pi hundred hours), I finally reached 99,999 research points. I have completed 100K’s worth of research tasks now out of 125.2K research points available, so I’m about 80% of the way through getting a perfect pokédex.

I have 190 species and 275 forms alpha; and 67 species and 75 forms shiny (legendary shinies are imported). 2 of my shinies are exclusively alpha, while another is caught both non-alpha and alpha.

54 out of 242 of my entries are perfect: all legendary/mythical. I’ve completed 35 of the paths of solitude and have 16 species and 24 forms with a specimen maxed out (level 100 and 10/10/10/10/10/10 effort levels).

The next post for this game will probably be either getting a perfect dex or collecting every alpha. See you then.

Pokémon Go Progress #9: Level 47!

After raiding lots for the legendaries birds, I’ve finally reached Level 47. As predicted, I have 100+ candy for every Pokémon line that I’ve obtained. I have a total of 40 hundos now, including Shundo Kyogre.

My missing 3* counts are: Kanto: 6; Johto: 29; Hoenn: 11; Sinnoh: 42; Unova: 28; Kalos: 67. Still haven’t worked out Alola or Galar yet.

I guess I’ll use some of my spare candy for XL candy now, as well as going for 1000+ candy next in each Pokémon.

Pokémon Legends Arceus Progress #1: Pokédex & All Mission & Requests Completion

242 Entries Research Level 10

Yesterday, after nearly 140 hours played, I finally completed my Pokédex on Legends: Arceus and received the Shiny charm! About 3 days ago, I finally completed every request also, after a lot of grinding for the Path of Solitude. I did some other Paths of Solitude and I’m now up to 26 out of 242. As for Perfect entries on the Pokédex, I’m only at 7 out of 242, but I’ll probably increase that as I alpha and Shiny hunt more.

I have collected one of each non-alpha-and-non-shiny form available in the game and transferred over an extra Alolan Vulpix so I could have both Alolan Vulpix and Alolan Ninetales. You only get one out of Alolan Vulpix or Alolan Ninetales, and only one each of every Legendary and Mythical Pokémon, which means I’m missing 26 extra legendary and mythical formes. It’s hard to see how I will get every Arceus form on the game, but the rest don’t seem too difficult other than Enamorus, which is currently Legends: Arceus exclusive.

For alphas, I have 197 out of 322 forms. For Shinies, I have 18 out of 690 (with 2 unavailable shinies transferred in) so far. I have about 7 Level 100 Pokémon, 2 of which have maxed out effort levels: Arceus and Darkrai. It will be interesting to see these numbers go up over time if I continue to play this game.

I have also 65, 270 Research points out of a possible 99, 999. I expect the next update will be when I reach this maximum.

Pokémon Go Progress #8: Level 46!

After raiding lots the past week, I finally got enough XP to reach Level 46. I’ve now got 100+ candy in every Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh Pokémon. I expect by level 47, I’ll have 100+ in all Pokémon.

I have 31 hundos now, and my 3* missing counts with Hisuian forms added are: Kanto: 8; Johto: 30; Hoenn: 14; Sinnoh: 44; Unova: 31; Kalos: 67. I haven’t worked out Alola and Galar yet.

Pokémon Go Progress #7: Level 45!

After 4 long months, I finally defeated 50 GO Rocket leaders to progress me to the next level. I have nearly 4 million XP towards Level 46.

At the moment, with my spare rare candy, I’m trying to get 100+ candy in every Pokémon line. I’ve done so with all Kanto and Johto Pokémon, and am now working towards finishing off with Hoenn.

I have 24 hundos now and my missing 3* counts are now: Kanto: 6; Johto: 31; Hoenn: 18; Sinnoh: 48; Unova: 31.

Pokémon Go Progress #6: Level 44!

After 6 weeks at Level 43, I’ve finally moved onto Level 44. I’m making good progress at collecting a 3* living form dex also. I have noted all the missing Pokémon forms at 3* (excluding costumes, lucky and shadow Pokémon) for the first five gens, including those unreleased. Currently, Kanto is missing 8, Johto is missing 35 (lots of Unown), Hoenn is missing 18, Sinnoh is missing 52 (lots of Arceus, Rotom forms and some unreleased Pokémon), and Unova is missing 43. For Kalos, every form I obtained, I have in 3*. For Galar, all except Mr. Rime. It will be interesting to see how much these numbers will be reduced by the next level.

I am missing 22 from the current Pokédex, as well as 53 from the current 3 Stars filtered Pokédex.

New Pokémon Snap (Switch) Progress #2: All Maps Completed, All Research Spots Scanned and A Complete Diamond Rating Photodex (v2)!

Yesterday, I finally got a diamond rating on all 936 Pokémon Star categories. Earlier in the week, I completed all maps and scanned all research spots. Unfortunately there’s no quick way of showing you’ve achieved a full set of diamond ratings, so I’ve just screenshotted my 410th place in the world rankings for Total Photodex Score.

There are only 2 research titles for me to get now: Pokémon Lurer (which will just take a few hours of throwing apples behind me), and Influencer, which will take a lot longer probably, but won’t feel like I’m wasting so much time.

I’ve played for over 350 hours now on the game!

New Pokemon Snap (Switch) Progress #1: All (v2) LenTalk Requests Complete

234 / 234

Over a month ago, I registered all photos (1-4 stars for every Pokémon in v1) in my photodex. It looks like I didn’t make a post about it, but I will post again if/when I get diamond rating for all photos, including the Version 2 Pokémon. I’ve played nearly 300 hours now, and have been going region by region, completing the maps, LenTalk requests, and getting Diamond rating for every Pokémon, all 4 categories. I have completed Florio, Belusylva and Maricopia, including up to Ver. 2.

I decided to complete all the remaining LenTalk requests first, instead of doing everything for Voluca, Durice and Aurus. I’m not sure if I will get the maps out the way first or not, but I’ve completed them for Voluca so far. Diamond ratings for Voluca, Durice and Aurus remain—and maps for the latter two.