Pokémon Go Progress #4: Level 42!

Prior to the Pokémon GO 5th Anniversary, nearly a month ago, I achieved Level 42. I have currently over 2/3 of the total XP needed to get from Level 42 to Level 43.

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Pokémon GO Progress #3: Level 41!

Yesterday I achieved Level 41 after finally getting enough XP. I gained lots of XP previously while doing lots and lots of raids to level up my hundo Landorus to Level 50. It was a rather dies mirabilis since I got 2 hundo and 4 Shiny Marill from the Limited Research Day also.

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Pokémon GO Progress #2: Living Kanto Dex

Today, I finally got all Kanto Pokémon species to 3 stars or 4 stars—except Mew, which is 2 stars and can’t be helped. I will slowly work on the other regions of the national dex. I have about 10 Pokémon I can evolve to get register new species caught on my Pokédex, but I will instead use my rare candy for a 100% IV Landorus-T I recently caught, and focus on getting a competitive Master League team. With my competitive teams, I then hope to farm rare candy easier to not only evolve those 10 or so Pokémon for entries, but also to evolve in order to collect more gender differences and regional forms.

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Pokémon GO Progress #1: Level 40!

Level 40 in Pokémon Go.

Since July 2020, I’ve been regularly playing Pokémon GO. Today I reached Level 40. My main goal is to complete a living dex, but no doubt I will reach Level 50 along the way—while waiting for all Pokémon to be released. Not only do I collect one of each Dex Number, but also every gender difference, form, purified/shadow/lucky variant, and shiny Pokémon. I will probably never complete the latter collections, but I try to fill them nevertheless.

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Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury (Switch) Completion

Just over 5 weeks since the release, I finally completed both Super Mario 3D World, which I played second, and Bowser’s Fury, which I played first. Grinding on Champion’s Road with all 5 characters was probably the toughest time I’ve had on a Mario game ever.

Super Mario 3D World
Bowser’s Fury
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New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe (Switch) Completion

Before the 3D All-Stars completion, I decided to buy NSMBU on the Switch. I was initially hesitant having invested so much time into the Wii U version, but it was definitely worth playing again. I managed to not only complete the story modes again, but this time actually complete the challenge mode as well. The other 2 save files are just copies of the first one in both cases.

NSMBU Deluxe: Mario
NSMBU Deluxe: Luigi
NSMBU: Challenges
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Super Mario 3D All-Stars (Switch) Completion

It’s been a long time since I last made a blog update. I have completed a number of games during the Nintendo Switch’s life so far. For instance, I have 100% completed Super Mario 3D All-Stars, collecting every Power Star and Shine Sprite. Today, I collected the maximum number of lives in each game to show off some more. On my Switch, it states I have played these 3 games for a total of 140 hours or more.

Super Mario 64
Super Mario Sunshine
Super Mario Galaxy: Mario
Super Mario Galaxy: Luigi
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New Super Mario Bros. U Progress #3


I’ve neglected posting updates for far too long. But I will now hopefully keep up with making blog posts again 🙂

I’ve only recently got back into recording video proofs for my optimal times, but I’ve added 3 recently for New Super Mario Bros. U, to bring my total of optimal NSMBU videos to 29. There is also one suboptimal time included in the playlist, for Graceful Glide, which I hope to get the new optimal time on some day and so replace that video eventually.

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Cogs (iOS) Progress #1

Recently, I’ve been shattering some cyberscore records in order to max my scores in Cogs (iOS) Challenge Mode – Time.

I also deleted all my non-current records from my youtube channel in order for my youtube video count to be similar to my video proof count.

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Cut the Rope (PC) Progress #2

All 75 Stars

Last night, I completed Cardboard Box, achieving not only 3 stars on all courses, but also all 25 golds on CyberScore. What’s more, I even raised the bar in 1-21, setting a new record, cutting down a whole second off the time for 100 more points.

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