Digital Arts Foundation—Final Project: Week 2 (Pre-Production)

For my project in week 2, I looked into C++, which is used in Unreal Engine. I mainly went through the C++ section on W3Schools and completed the exercises where you have to complete the missing input. I found the cin and cout (C-input and C-output) concepts intriguing, as well as reference and pointer variables. I’d not come across anything similar in JavaScript, my main coding language, which I actually only script in, rather than program.

Figure 1: C++ Introduction Exercises (W3Schools 2023)

I also looked at the more complicated part, how C++ is used in conjunction with Unreal Engine. It certainly looked more intimidating, because of having to learn about its templates, its way of doing things.

Figure 2: Programming Quick Start Tutorial for Unreal Engine (Epic Games 2023)

I then went on to look at C# very briefly on W3Schools, the language used in Unity.

Figure 3: C# Tutorial (W3Schools 2023)

I found the syntax comfortable (and C++’s too), so I came to the conclusion I’d be comfortable working with either engine regardless of the language.

Due to my experience last semester and even before on gaming news websites, I knew that Unity was deemed the more natural choice for a 2D game, so I decided I would choose Unity and work with C#.

That concludes Week 2. In the next week, I will look at creating flowcharts to mind map all my code before using Unity.

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