Digital Arts Foundation—Final Project: Week 3 (Pre-Production)

For week 3, I mind-mapped my project with flowcharts, making pseudo-code that will help me once I enter production. I started out by describing the start of the game, the damage received, and the game over / restart sequence.

Figure 1: Game Start and Player Damaged on Lucid Chart (2023).

Next, I thought about all the key variables that I thought would need to be accessed in the game events to make the game flow. For instance, I planned three different types of enemies, and depending on the type, they were to be weaker or stronger; but at the same time, sharing the basic characteristics of an enemy. The variables indicate what specific code is needed execute to generate the desired differences in strength.

Figure 2: Enemy Variables on Lucid Chart (2023)

The final stage of making the flow charts was to add the events in the game. For example, I presented some approximate logic for player movement, such as changing the orientation of the player sprite, and also how the player interacted with walls. Other events included player and enemy attacking, and the points gained when defeating enemies.

Figure 3: Player Movement Function on Lucid Chart (2023)

That concludes week 3. Week 4 will look at the penultimate stage of pre-production, summarising my planning before exploring Unity in Week 5.

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