Digital Arts Foundation—Final Project: Week 4 (Pre-Production)

For this week, our lecturer tasked us with summarising our pre-production by producing a milestone video. I thought about what I wanted to show: my plan document and the flowcharts. I also wanted to talk about the languages I explored in Week 2 and also my inspirations. I came up with the following document:

Figure 1: Finalized Plan of Final Project

It outlines my inspirations, as well as the game mechanics. I neglected to mention the blue/red/green rank concept was inspired by Mario Bros. , the arcade game featuring Mario and Luigi, where they bump enemies from below, and the spin-off of the Donkey Kong arcade game.

I’m big into Pokemon and I’ve played a battle mod where your inherit other abilities from the previous Pokemon you sent out. This led me to adapt the brief to something incorporating inheritance. I settled for gaining abilities of defeated enemies. As mentioned, I was also interesting in getting past walls that you wouldn’t normally be able to get past, which features in many 2D games, including Mighty Switch Force and Mutant Mudds. The brief also strongly reminded me of The Legend Zelda on the NES.

Along with this document, I also wanted to present the flowcharts that I’d produced on Lucid Chart and link to an article that showed the benefit of making a 2D game on Unity as opposed to Unreal Engine. I found a comparison article here.

My final page of flow charts looked like this:

Figure 2: Page of Flow Charts

Once I had all these elements in place, I recorded my screen and did a commentary on my pre-production. I wrote a quick script that I could read from, and kept re-recording until I produced something of 2 minutes length, as per requirements, and that I was also happy with.

Figure 3: Pre-Production Milestone video

I realized after I forgot to make a proper theme and name for the game, and also summarise what the game was about. I was happy otherwise.

That concludes this week. Next week I will describe my exploration on Unity and start of my game, which will come under the first week of production.

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