Pokémon Legends Arceus: Progress #4: First Pokédex entry with all 999ed Research Tasks

Following on from my 999 for Shadow Claw, I gradually 999ed the other move-related research tasks for Giratina.

Maximising Number caught was an interesting challenge though. The only way I believe it can be incremented past 1 is to receive a Giratina from a trade. Luckily, I already had another switch and an alt account, that’s in French/Metric to show off maximum and minimum sizes.

I had to buy another copy of PLA though, so I could trade Giratina back and forth. A trade takes roughly 50 seconds, so it’s over 13 hours in total to do 1000 of them. I split them into 20 periods of 40 minutes each so I didn’t get too fed up, and watched anime at the same time I was pressing the buttons.

I finally achieved the final 999 today!

As for other progress, I’ve got 211 (13 to go) alpha species and 300 (23 to go) alpha forms; 103 shiny species and 120 shiny forms; 3 of my shinies are exclusively alpha, while I have 6 others in alpha and non-alpha.

I have 64 perfect entries and have still only completed 35 paths of solitude. I now have 19 species, 27 forms (I believe the last post counted a shiny by mistake) and 33 variants (including shinies) in total.

My next post will either be completed alpha or perfect Dex.

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