Pokémon Legends Arceus: Progress #5—First 999 Max Perfect Pokédex Entry

A brief progress update. I realized that the shiny Giratina I had transferred from GO a while ago was in fact the maximum size possible for Giratina in PLA, a pseudo-alpha. Once I realized that, I began thinking about how I could get a minimum size one, an omega.

I had seen information about Pokémon from previous generations being the minimum size when transferred to PLA, and once I began holding that thought, the Sinjoh Ruins event popped up in my mind. Not only did I have a chance of getting a minimum sized Giratina, but it could also be level 1!

I quickly began looking on the GTS, to see if I could get one. At first, the Pokémon they requested in exchange for a level 1 Giratina were impossible for me to get. I didn’t stop looking though, and after several hours, Zacian was requested, something I could easily obtain back. I rushed to trade and finally I had a Sinjoh Ruins Giratina in my hands. Next, I transferred into Pokémon Legends Arceus, and checked its dimensions. It was indeed a minimum sized Giratina. Remarkably, it also had only 1 move, and 0 effort levels all around. It was minimal in every respect.

Not only did I have living minimum and maximum specimens, but the other part of the Pokédex entry for Giratina was complete: perfect height and weight ranges! I also decided to buy every move for my level 100 Giratinas (one of them being the maximum one). The only thing I haven’t done yet now, is mastered the moves for all of them.

I guess the next update might be mastering all the moves for my maximum Giratina (and the other maxed out ones) now.

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